Hello, my name is Paul but my friends and family also call me Paolo for fun.

Natal Air Force Base, Brazil // Nov 2018

Much of my formative years were spent moving around Canada and Europe as a military kid. As a result of being exposed to different communities and cultures throughout life, I've grown to really embrace the process of cultivating meaningful relationships. Being a professional photographer has given me opportunities to connect with so many new and interesting people. And so truthfully speaking, what I've come to discover is that I'm actually in the business of making friends.

Thule Air Base, Greenland // September 2019

To say that I love photography is an understatement. It's been six years since I enrolled in the military and formally dedicated my life to this artful craft. I've had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of excellent training, mentorship and travel opportunities as a photographer. I also happen to thoroughly enjoy interacting with couples and finding ways to make them feel comfortable as they hang out in front of my lens.

Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario // March 2017

Although my focus is with photography, I also happen to enjoy small scale video production. At present, Quinte West, Ontario is where I call home. And I'm thankful for the natural beauty of the people and places that I've found here. Luckily, these elements together continue to breathe life into my photography.

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