Halloween is a time for enchantment, mystery, and all things magical. So, when Holly and Josh decided to have a Halloween-themed wedding at Timber House Resort in Brighton, Ontario, we knew it would be a unique and unforgettable celebration. As photographers, we were thrilled to capture the spook-tacular moments and the love that filled the air on their special day.

The Venue:

Timber House Resort provided the perfect backdrop for Holly and Josh's Halloween-inspired wedding. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and exquisite landscapes, the resort provided an enchanting setting that enhanced the essence of their chosen theme. From its rustic charm to the rich fall colours, everything about the venue perfectly complemented their vision.

The Decor:

Every aspect of Holly and Josh's wedding was thoughtfully planned to incorporate their Halloween theme. From the black and orange colour scheme to the elegant Gothic-inspired decorations, the attention to detail was outstanding. Jack-o'-lanterns, spell books, black cats, and other mystical elements were tastefully integrated into the decor, making the venue a visual treat for guests.

The Costumes:

One of the highlights of the day was seeing the couple and their guests embracing the Halloween spirit with creative and elaborate costumes. Holly, dressed as a bewitching bride, looked simply stunning, while Josh transformed into a dashing vampire groom. Guests arrived in an array of imaginative costumes, ranging from spooky creatures to iconic fictional characters. The costumes added an extra layer of fun and excitement to the festivities.

Capturing the Moments:

As photographers, we were thrilled to capture the unique and magical moments of this Halloween-themed wedding. We focused on documenting the couple's love and joy, as well as the whimsical elements that made the day so extraordinary. From intimate portraits against the fall foliage to candid shots of guests enjoying the festivities, every frame told a story of love, laughter, and Halloween spirit.

The Outcome:

The photographs from Holly and Josh's Halloween-themed wedding at Timber House Resort captured the essence of the day perfectly. The enchanting decor, elaborate costumes, and the couple's love for each other radiated through each image. The resulting photographs will serve as a cherished memento, reminding them of the whimsical celebration and their shared love for Halloween.


Holly and Josh's Halloween-themed wedding at Timber House Resort was an extraordinary and unforgettable celebration. The couple embraced the Halloween spirit wholeheartedly, creating a magical atmosphere that immersed guests in a world of enchantment. As photographers, we were honoured to capture the essence of their special day and create lasting memories that reflect the love, joy, and spook-tacular charm that surrounded them. We wish Holly and Josh a lifetime of happiness filled with magical moments, both on Halloween and throughout the year.