Parliament Hill in Ottawa is an iconic and stunning location that offers a regal and romantic backdrop for couples looking to capture their love in timeless images. Whether you're celebrating an engagement, anniversary, or simply want to document your love story, a couples photography session at Parliament Hill is sure to create stunning and memorable photographs. In this blog post, we'll explore what you can expect during a couples photography session at this historic and picturesque location.

Planning and Preparing

Before your couples photography session at Parliament Hill, it's important to communicate your vision and ideas with your photographer. Discuss the specific locations within Parliament Hill that hold meaning for you as a couple, whether it's the stunning steps, the iconic Peace Tower, or the beautifully manicured grounds. By sharing your preferences and expectations, your photographer can better capture your unique love story and create photos that truly reflect your relationship.

Timing and Lighting

Choosing the right time of day for your session is crucial to capture the best lighting and ambiance at Parliament Hill. Depending on the season, the sunrise and sunset hours often provide beautiful lighting known as the Golden Hour, which casts a warm and romantic glow on your photos. Discuss the best time with your photographer to make the most of the magical lighting at Parliament Hill.

Exploring the Beauty of Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill offers a multitude of breathtaking locations that can be incorporated into your couples photography session. From the grand architecture to the meticulously maintained gardens, each area provides a unique backdrop for your photos. Consider exploring spots like the Centennial Flame, the Centennial Ballroom staircase, the Peace Tower, or the numerous statues and monuments that dot the grounds. Your photographer will guide you to these locations and capture your love against these historic and visually stunning settings.

Poses and Prompts

During your session, your photographer will guide you through a variety of poses and prompts to capture authentic and emotional moments between you and your partner. Be open to their suggestions and allow yourselves to relax and be present in each other's company. By focusing on your connection and experiencing the location together, you'll create heartfelt images that truly reflect the love you share.

Embracing the Magnificence

Parliament Hill is known for its grandeur, and during your couples photography session, you'll have the opportunity to embrace the magnificence of this historic landmark. Your photographer may suggest capturing images that highlight the scale and impressiveness of the architecture, such as standing at the base of the Peace Tower or walking hand-in-hand along the perimeter of the buildings. These photos will not only showcase your love but also showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of Parliament Hill.

Candid and Natural Moments

While there will be direction from your photographer, it's important to allow spontaneous and candid moments to unfold during your session. Take the time to whisper sweet words to each other, steal kisses, or indulge in a gentle dance—these natural expressions of love create authentic and memorable images. Trust your photographer to capture these candid moments that reflect the genuine connection and joy you share.

Cherishing the Memories

After your couples photography session, your photographer will provide you with a collection of beautifully edited photos that capture your love at Parliament Hill. These images will serve as cherished memories and can be displayed in your home, shared with loved ones, or printed in a custom photo album. Each photo will remind you of the timeless love you have for each other and the magical experience you shared at Parliament Hill.


A couples photography session at Parliament Hill offers a unique opportunity to capture your love against the backdrop of one of Ottawa's most iconic landmarks. Through careful planning, embracing the grandeur of the location, and allowing for natural and candid moments, you'll create stunning images that reflect the depth and beauty of your relationship. Let Parliament Hill be the setting for capturing your timeless love and creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.